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Basecamp Class™ Cooler Wheel Kit


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  • Made In The USA
  • Pair with Extended Handles

Our Improved Basecamp Class™ Cooler Wheel kit is Ready to Roll 

Made in the USA, our Basecamp Class Cooler Wheel Kit is the heavy duty chassis made from 12 gauge 304 stainless steel, custom designed to fit Cordova Outdoors 88 & 128 qt Basecamp Class Coolers. Add an extended handle to make your experince more seamless. 

Installation is easy and use is smooth, It’s built like a tank and rolls like a Cadillac. See instructions below


Installation Instructions: 

Please note:  

  • Wheel Kit installation must be completed prior to cooler being loaded. 
  • The Wheel Kit is meant to be installed so that Chugach Mountain silhouette on the Wheel Kit Baseplate aligns with design molded into Basecamp Class Cooler (non-drain plug side on 88 qt models).  


  1. Flip cooler over so that Anti-Slip Goat Feet™ are facing upward. 
  2. Use wrench to remove hex nuts (set aside) so that Boots separate from Baseplate and place Boots on Anti-Slip Goat Feet so that they sit securely and with no gap between Foot and Boot. 
  3. Route Strap through each slot on bottom of Baseplate and use appropriate snaps to fix length. 
  4. Run Strap through OPPOSITE molded-in handle (not through aluminum handle, secure Fastek and pull to slight tension. 
  5. Affix Bracket to handle on Baseplate side, sliding threaded post on Baseplate through slot on Bracket.  
  6. Holding bracket snug to handle, place Hand Knob on threaded post and finger tighten. 
  7. Keeping Baseplate snug to Cooler body, use wrench to tighten hex nut onto each post of Boot. 
  8. Adjust Bracket and tighten hand knob as needed to ensure dolly is firmly attached to cooler. 
  9. Pull on bitter end of Strap to remove all slack and hold tension. 
  10. Return Cooler to upright position. 
  11. Roll out. 



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