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Wire Basket


Usually ships in 24 hours

Organize your outdoor dining experience with this sturdy cooler basket. Designed to maximize storage and provide easy access to your items, it turns your cooler into a well-organized space. Our wire basket design ensures air circulation, keeping your items cool and fresh.


  • 48 qt Basket: Length: 12.44" Width: 9" Height: 3.68"
  • 88 qt Basket: Length: 12.69" Width: 11.25" Height: 3.68"
  • 128 qt Basket: Length: 14.44" Width: 11.25" Height: 3.68"

Grab a basket to keep your cooler organized and your food from getting soaked. 

The 48 qt fits up to two baskets, the 88 qt fits up to two baskets and the 128 qt fits up to three baskets.