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Cordova Watertight Zipper Lubricant


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Keep the slick in your zip with this zipper lubricant!

Cordova’s soft cooler zippers are specially designed to lock out moisture and maintain the cold inside, so they may need a bit more elbow grease to operate than the zipper on your jacket or your friend’s stylish fanny-pack. To ensure a smooth and consistent zip, we recommend a lube application at the end of your adventuring season or after a particularly wet and wild excursion. Here’s how to keep the slick in your zip:

  • Clean any muck or moisture off the zipper and teeth (a clean rag will do, brush and floss optional)
  • Make sure the zipper is fully open
  • Apply the included lubricant along both sides of the teeth, top and bottom
  • Work that zipper up and down about five times to evenly distribute the lubricant
  • Recommend repeating this process if the cooler is being stored for extended periods; ensure you store your dry gear with zippers in the closed positio



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