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Mystery Coolers


One of the most enjoyable aspects of manufacturing is that we control the process, so we’re able to create things that are unique; that surprise even us.

We blend our pigment and resin on site to make our colors and occasionally there is excess mixed material, or it may take a few runs to clean a particularly bold color from the mold cavity. Or maybe a lid looks good, but the body has to be recycled. We HATE waste. We would rather use all our resources efficiently, especially when the result is often so interesting, even beautiful, and the quality remains exceptional.

That’s how our Mystery Coolers come into the world. These are ultra-small batch (sometimes just a single cooler) runs which meet our Basecamp ClassTM performance standards in every functional way but reflect their own individual frequency on the visible light spectrum.

We invite you to roll the dice on a color that we can guarantee you won’t confuse with anyone else’s cooler. Like, ever.

Adventure boldly with America’s Cooler in a unique colorway.



Limited Availability

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